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Other Projects

Fifteen years as a working journalist with three major metro newspapers: The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Fort Lauderdale News and the former Philadelphia Bulletin. Worked in broadcast radio and television in South Florida and New York State. Recipient of three awards for business, healthcare reporting and feature writing.

Major Advertising Agency Background

  • As an AE with one of Philadelphia's largest PR/ad agencies, we coordinated a national promotional campaign for the city's Bicentennial celebration and orchestrated international PR for Pope John Paul II and Pope Paul VI that drew 1,000 members of the news media to the Quaker City.
  • Created a promotional campaign for SEPTA/PennDOT that increased ridership on the Reading Lines through an event called The Great Train/ Auto Chase. The event received national pickup through AP and UPI wire services.
  • Created an international media blitz for a multi-millionaire banker who offered a $2 million reward for his two missing daughters. Stories appeared on ABC's PrimeTime Live, Time Magazine, The Times of London, and was broadcast on TV networks all over the world.
National Healthcare Exposure

  • Served as PR Director at Thomas Jefferson University creating the institution's first news bureau, bringing national recognition to Jefferson's new university status and laying the groundwork for a $450 million fund-raising drive.
National Client Base

Here is a capsule of clients and activities handled on a national and statewide basis:

  • Bryn Mawr Rehab: a program designed to draw national visibility to the dangers of teenage drinking and driving through prevention. Stories appeared on NBC Television, CNN, and in USA Today.
  • The Horsham Clinic: a psychiatric program created to help suicidal teens with the use of rock and roll music and art therapy. Stories placed appeared in The New York Times, the Washington Post, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, the major television networks and trade publications in the healthcare field.
  • The Renfrew Center: this center for eating disorders required national exposure to fill some 100 beds soon after its opening. A series of case histories on patient trials and recovery was picked up by the wire services, The New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today, Ms Magazine, Omni and major television network news shows.
  • The Baldwin Corporation conducted a study using the keyboard to train lower income children to improve their learning scores. Stories on the success of the program appeared in parent and teacher trade journals around the country, on National Public Radio and on the NBC Radio network.
  • Blue Ribbon Services sought national publicity for its management services in school cafeterias in this region. We were able to deliver by creating a contest involving the virtues of Blue Ribbon food versus junk food. Two white rats were used in the trial school experiments. Results of the tests were reported by AP and UPI in newspapers all over the United States and seen on national television.
Professional Services 

We have been involved over the years with such firms as:

  • Smart & Associates
  • R.M. Shoemaker
  • J.J. White
  • J.J. Deluca
  • Clancy D. McKenzie, M.D.
  • Kirk R. Brandow, M.D.
  • White and Williams LLP
  • Saul, Ewing, Remick & Saul
  • Buchanan Ingersol
  • Stradley Ronon Stevens & Young
  • Clark Ladner Fortenbaugh & Young
  • Goldfein & Joseph
  • High, Swartz, Roberts & Seidel
  • Richard, DiSanti, Hamilton & Gallagher
  • Caine, DiPasqua, Sloane & Raffaele
  • Synnestvedt & Lechner
  • Hepburn Wilcox & Putnam

In addition, we have been retained as a media trainer for such organizations as Dale Carnegie Training, Pennsylvania Trial Lawyers, the Camden County Bar, the New Jersey Bar Association, the Pennsylvania Bar, the Association of Legal Administrators, the Pennsylvania Burglar and Fire Alarm Association, the Community Bankers Association and more.

Contact: Ed Eisen, Eisen & Associates - 215.885.7253 - e-mail: greatpr@buzzunlimited.com

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